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Super Holidays ...
    at Henning’s in Aukrug

Our own Products

As former farmers we value the local produce. Vegetables and fruits from the surroundings can be made into lots of yummy tidbits.

Did you try our super jams? They are also good as souvenirs!

Field walk

We know and love our home place. If you like, during a field walk we will show you what grows and flourishes here. Look a little around and learn what is being planted in Aukrug.

Rainy Days

…are happening in Schleswig Holstein too, but they are okay with the Aukrug people: Inge Henning will take out her knitting and show you how to do it – or she will talk shop with the experts.


She also won’t be cagey with the good old home recipes. Did you not always want to know how that works with the yeast dough?